Membership 2016


Lanesboro Triathlon Club Membership is now open for 2016.

Adult Full Club Membership : €75

Junior Club Membership : €10

Club membership is paid through the Triathlon Ireland website -

** Insurance**

To be able to train with the club you also require Triathlon Ireland membership.

Race Licence : €60

Student Race Licence (17-19yrs) : €30

Youth Licence (15-16yrs) : €10

Kids’s Tri Licence (0-14yrs) : €5

Non Race Licence : €20

All Triathlon Ireland members are covered in training (in organised club sessions) by the Triathlon Ireland public liability insurance. Racing members (full, student, and junior) are covered for racing. Please note that associate members are not covered for racing, and have to pay a one-day license fee per race.

Please see the Triathlon Ireland website for further details.

If you are thinking about joining our club, or, have a friend who would like to join our friendly, welcoming and fun club, please follow this link:


If you have any queries or concerns on registration, please drop us a note via our contact forum.


Lanesboro Triathlon Club

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  1. David Harte on January 4th, 2014 at 2:57 pm


    I was thinking of joining the club. I was wondering what the story with training is, I live in Dublin and do a good bit of running and swimming myself and would like to get a programme aimed at racing. Is there much group training?

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